Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Soccer Theme Party Decor and Cake Table

Hello Everyone

Am really excited to share the recent Theme Party Decor I had worked on. Manika came back to me this year too for her son's birthday party ideas! Last year we had worked on a Superhero theme and she was keen to work with me again. I was really happy to know that my work was so very appreciated and trusted. so the theme this year was Soccer with Messi as the main attraction and we stuck with a white and blue theme. After alot of brainstorming i came up with several ideas to create part decor and cake table decor. Several other items were created to match the theme as well. It was a lot of hard work which paid off beautifully.

Manika had very kind words to share about this project. Thanks Manika!

"If you need to plan a birthday for your loved one and make it special for the audience as well as the person whose birthday it is then I would defnitely recommend you go to Karuna. She has very interesting ideas, is particular about her quality and is a thorough professional. I have been wowed both times that i have been to her and will gladly recommend people to go try her out. Thanks a ton Karuna...."

So here are all the pics from the venue!

 The main entrance was through a lawn so I created a welcome banner! How cool is that!

Along with the balloons I made some pom poms in white and blue which were placed on the trees and plans around.


Inside the hall I created this cute banner that shouted Goal along with paper fans matching the theme!


Here are some paper fans for the entrance to the main hall. The center was designed to carry the birthday boy's name - Shiv and some had Messi on it!
The table centers were also desinged and hand cut. It had a Messi Jersey plus several other cordinating littel cut outs along with helium balloons



This is the backdrop created for the cake table. The Banner was designed with cordinating paper fans!

The Cake table was designed to be fun and exciting. Since Manika was keep to replicate the Super Hero Lollypops Idea from last party I suggested to have two small stadium stands with T shirts on sticks with hidden chocolate bars! :) 

Am it did turn out exactly the way I had imagined! the center area was kept for the cake.

and here is the final cake table with the backdrop.


some additionalswere cordinating thank you notes for the return gifts

food picks to add to the fun theme. I also created customsied menu play ards but unfortunately lost the pics. u can see a little glimpse on the top with the football though....


and that's me after sweating it all out! but totally happy!  

thanks for stopping by. I would love to hear your feedback.

In case you wish to get a customised party decor please do email me - hello@craftingqueen.in


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