Sunday, July 6, 2014

Baby Boy First Year Scrapbook - Vedant

I haven't been very active off late but there were so many things I was busy with whole of June. Firstly we moved to a whole new platform :) If you havn't had a chance to stop by I urge you to do so and share some feedback. Once that was taken care of we had a crazy lot of orders (but of course) :D. Last week of June I completed this commissioned Baby Boy Scrapbook that encapsulates the beautiful memory of the babies first year journey.

Here is what Mangala had to say after seeing the final work :)

"Firstly, thanks a lot for the lovely work. Everyone absolutely loved every bit of it. The design, the intricacies - clearly shows the effort that has gone into it. The inside pages were especially awesome. I specially loved the ones with series of flap and ones where it photos was tied up in a bow. very cute ideas. Thanks Karuna for the wonderful scrapbook you created for my son's second birthday. I will cherish it for life. It is as personalized as it could be. Loved your ideas and innovation. Love, Mangala"

After a pretty long gap I got back to a Baby Album, something i really enjoy working on. Full on cuteness! This Scrapbook has 12 pages most of which are interactive. And to show you how those actually open up I also made a short video which you can find towards the end of this photo loaded post!

I look forward to your feedback.

To place an order please email me at


Welcome Home Precious Baby

Naming Ceremony & Favourite Things 

It flips open with more pics inside

 The Whole Family who matters

Baby's First

Early Years & First Birthday

2nd Birthday photo mats

As promised, here is the full reveal with a video. you can see how vibrant the pages look with all the nice interactive fun popping in here and there!

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kavitha said...

This is really so cute,and neat work


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