Thursday, November 21, 2013

Name Scrapbook - Ihita!


How are you!

I am back with another cute Name Scrapbook I finished recently. Its a very unique name - IHITA!  I love working with these colours so much can never get enough i guess!

Here are the pics.....

This is the main cover!

So for many who wonder how this looks from inside i have taken pics for every flip in the book.... i really hope this gets the idea loud and clear :)

Some of the cutest bit and pieces from the Name Scrapbook!

Thanks for stopping by! would love to hear your feedback.

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1 comment:

Sagarika said...

This was a scrapbook ordered by my sister and knowing Karuna I knew she would create a masterpiece. What we loved about it was the personal touch and the lovely finesse with which she executed the project. Each photo was marked to the appropriate emotion we use to describe her and in the end, it was truly a worthy keep sake. Thank you Karuna - you are indeed a crafting queen :)


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