Thursday, November 21, 2013

Name Scrapbook - Ihita!


How are you!

I am back with another cute Name Scrapbook I finished recently. Its a very unique name - IHITA!  I love working with these colours so much can never get enough i guess!

Here are the pics.....

This is the main cover!

So for many who wonder how this looks from inside i have taken pics for every flip in the book.... i really hope this gets the idea loud and clear :)

Some of the cutest bit and pieces from the Name Scrapbook!

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Monday, November 11, 2013

Mermaid Theme Party Invites!

Ola Crafters!

Am back with another recent project I have worked on. The client wanted mermaid theme cards and she was keen that i make a something similar to what she had seen online by another crafter as seen here. So i do not take the credit of the originality of the idea :) but i still had to work on the design right from scratch in my software to get a shell shape and trust me it wasn't easy for me :P.

So let me first show you what I came up with...

I had to work on alot of ideas to get the right look and feel for the shell as i didnt have any texture papers. I also made it curve in a way to look more realistic :) Lots of blue shades were inked to make it look pretty. The Ariel image was picked from dear google too

When you open the shell you get pearl! Lol! Not literally but yes you definitely get invite to a fun party!

 And a Final shot i could get. Would you believe i took these pics in just 2 minutes before handing them over? Hence the poor shots.

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Exploding Box Card - Birthday

And I have yet another post for you.

Today am sharing an Exploding box card i made really really long ago and forgot to post :D

It was from a wife to her husband and had some very special memories captured from their wedding. How cute is that!

Unfortunately i took these pics in a hurry and they just done do justice to the colours used :(

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Name Book - Aarna

Hello Everyone!

I am posting after such a long time, not because I was not making anything new but there has been so much work off late at the store! And then i took a 5 day break away from work and enjoyed Diwali with my family back home!

I had finished this name book last month and just didnt get time to share with you guys yet. Loved the lil girl and had fun time embellishing this name scrapbook!

 Here is how it looked all finished!

 And the inside pages

How cute is this lil one! 

Some of my favourite shots!

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