Friday, March 8, 2013

Pillow Boxes for Sweet Treat!

Happy Womens Days to all you lovely ladies out there

I had a fabulous time crafting and couldnt wait to share these super fun pillow boxes i made these last few days.

I think gifting is a way of expression and one can judge that from the cover of the gift! At least i do. I am a sucker for pretty wrappings and decoration and would care less about what it holds at times. That me! :)

So a quick post to share the pillow boxes i made. there are several ways to make and decorate these but i wanted them all happy and cheerful to be part of the product portfolio for my exhibition tomorrow. These would be great for gifting chocolates, small trinkets and probably many other gifts!

Good part is that these boxes lie flat and are easy to store till you wish to use them!

I think one important thing i learnt was to ensure using a good quality paper that supports their shape and no matter if you use dies or cutting machines these beauties sure test to your patience when it come to shaping and decorating them.

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Sunehra Koshy said...

Awesome! very very colorful! They will be a hit! Must try sometime! BTW hearty congrats on Lulupu's birthday. You are a very enterprising and inspiring woman!

Hussena said...

Oh these look just beautiful Karuna!...Will have to try this out sometime..These are really such a pretty gift idea! :)

Unknown said...

Love the happy cheerful colours.You are right about pretty packaging.A well packaged gift is half the battle won.:-)

Prisha Dharmani said...

they look so nice n colourful...i hve had the template for ages but never tried it...what paper have you used??

Erum Tasneem said...



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