Saturday, June 9, 2012

Baby Scrapbook Keepsake

Hi Crafters!

Am back after a long time but I really wanted to share this cute baby folder cover I have created on order for My client wanted a it to have a jungle theme with cute critter and lots of bright colours!

I had so much fun designg and conceptualizing it and even more while making it. I have used my ecraft to the fullest :)

Its a file folder where my client can add as many sheets of memory pages as she like about her lillte boy growing up :)

So she aptly wanted it to read as "Raising Raunak" I think it sounds so cute!

Warning - Photo heavy post :)

File cover, happy and bright :)

A monkey..... oops 3 monkeys :D

Giraffe and a Lamb Critter

Mr. Froggie

Give me sum sunshine!

For little Raunak!

Thanks for stopping by!



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