Tuesday, August 30, 2011

More Flutter and Glitter!

Hey there,

With next 3 days off at work am super excited n off to my parents home today at Hyderabad (jumping). Hnce would be MIA for the week :D

After my last post on the bright cards i continues to experiment with happy colours. Unlike me i made a set of 3 cards with similar basic design but different sentiments!

This was quite easy after one blunder of course and super fun too :) I highlighted one butterfly with MS Glitters which looks better than the pic :) Am enjoying playing with vellum since i got the vellum tape runner (available for sale with me :) ) I have glued the extra length inside the card here.

Supplies: Elle Err Fabriano, Fiskars stamps, Rhinestones by Kaisercraft

 Martha Stewart iridescent glitters

And as we talk bout flutter i got  a lovely butterfly award from my darling Khushboo.

Though i have written several posts bout myself she still wants me to do this again!! Brrrr.....

There are some rules to follow so here they are:
Answer several questions. Award the 'Butterfly Award' to other bloggers
Contact the bloggers to let them know they have received this award
Put a link to the person who gave you the 'Butterfly Award' in the post..

I'll answer the questions first and then inform everyone who I am passing the award to..!!

Q1) Name your favorite color? Hard to pick but love shades of blue and mauve/purple

Q2) Name your favorite song? Tere Bin Meinu Sone yarr by Rabi Shergill. If you havnt heard this beautiful song click HERE

Q3) Name your favorite dessert? I love all variety of it!! Yum. Of course chocolate tops it followed by Blueberry Cheese cake and most flavours of ice creams. I have a extra pocket in my tummy for desserts even am full to my throat otherwise :P

Q4) What worries you off at the moment? Nothing seriously! But i have my first GD post for Crafty JC Challenge for Septermber and i dont see having any time for it (since am off for next 5 days) and hence coming out with some rubbish under pressure :(

Q5) Your favorite pet? My Guinea Pigs but i love all animals :D dogs n cats welcome too!

Q6) Black or White? BLACK

Q7) Your biggest fear? Losing someone dear to me.

Q8) Best feature? Sorry cant pick one :P LOL!! frds have varied versions but i guess its my chirpiness that makes me lovable (As told by frds n family)... i still cant pick one :P

Q9) Everyday attitude? GET THROUGH! Well with a schedule like mine i need 30 hours to do what i want. So its always to get thru the day trying to finish most of it!

Q10) What is perfection? Nothing is.... but again its how we see a glass half full or half empty :) love see the brighter side of things and it make me and other happy its gotta be perfect :D

Q11) Guilty pleasure? I love collecting perfume and Stilletos! I have lost my count and have no space but still love to add to my collection :)

Q12) When you're upset you? Go into silo mode. I usually wont talk much and sulk alone and then go and hug Sid real tight coz i know that makes everything just fine :)!!!

Phew!! That was long..... hope u guys dont get bored :)

Now here for the awards.... apart from people whom Khushboo already did pass it to :)
  1. Erum - My fav crafter
  2. Juhi - The first blogger i met online
  3. Ujjwal - A very talented lady
  4. Shruti - A budding crafter n a super kewl frd
  5. Nikita - Do check out her awesome quilling work!
  6. Spardha - a very creative Kido!
  7. Shalini - Super sassy chi with very creative work


Nikita A said...

Heeeeyy!!!! Thanks a lottt!!!! It's an honour!! :D :D

P.S. Because of this, I'll at least post something on my blog!! :P

Ujjwal said...

Those cards are awesome! I love looking at glitter but don't know why never come around using it :) Maybe soon :D

Thank you for the award and it was good getting to know you better :)

Erum Tasneem said...

I was on your blog reading your post when I got the comment notification!

your set of cards look so pretty and elegant. I love vellum, never tried it though but it looks really beautiful. LOVE the butterfly stamp and all the shimmer plus of course the happy colours!

So glad you answered the questions, it's good to know you a lil better!

Crafterkhush said...

Mad Woman... Chill... And I got to know you a bit better.. your best feature is ur your 32 megawatt smile.. :D

Piyu said...

Wow..Gorgeous..The glitter looks super cool!.Enjoy ur Hyd visit.. Weather here is awesome! I am going to my inlaws place else would have surely met you this time...

Crafterkhush said...

Whoops.. Pretty cards... In my excitement of reading your answers I forgot to talk about the cards.. Loving your experiments with Vellum.. They look super cool...!!

Shruti said...

:D Weeee!! Thank you so much for the award, miss Vanishing Queen! LOVED your colorful cards.. They are awesome!!!
Oh.. btw..I too am a bigtime footwear freak, apart from handbags, of course, and just can't have enough of them.. ! :P It was greeat to know you better, mam!! *winks* muah!!

Tee said...

This is super super awesome...love the blinged butterflies...Have a great trip...have fun!!!

Jovi said...

Super awesome.... the butterflies are superbly done.... I have got so much to learn from you yaar... i wish I had more time....

Handmade Cards by Archana said...

Awesome set of cards...vellum looks so good.

Priya said...

It was fun reading more about you Karuna... You are one superwoman... managing home... job... craft supplies ordering work... and last but not the least... make some awesome cards like these... ufff... thats too much for me to handle...!
You truely deserve it...

Dr Sonia S V said...

Karuna do drop by my blog got you a giving you kitty cat award this time

Shubhra said...

Beautiful set of cards..lovely colors...and great to know u better !

Juhi said...

Gorgeous cards! love the sentiments on vellum.
Hey thanks so much for the award! will be posting it on my blog soon

Spardha said...

Super pretty cards!.. Love the butterflies!.. Will miss your crafting next week! :)
Thanku for the award! :D

Anonymous said...

oh I love.. love glitter... nice!!


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