Saturday, June 18, 2011

Award time!!

Yeah i got an award from Khushboo!!! And i am so honored!!

I don't know how its works but guessing from her post i need to write 10 random things about myself and then pass this to 5 crafters! 

So here are somethings about me most of you already know about :)
  1. I love cooking, traveling and swimming when time permits
  2. I love love animals of all kinds (i have even held a snake :P ) and have 2 guinea pigs as pets whom i consider as my babies literally. I cannot stay without them!
  3. I hate the heat at Gurgaon and still struggling to cope up with it. I now state that winters are better
  4. Like all of you i love hoarding craft supplies but due to time constraints not able to make much
  5. I have a 9-7 job that sucks up all my energy and the reason i go MIA :(
  6. I am married to the charming prince of my childhood dreams and he was the one who made this blog, my Facebook fan page and boosted me to open the craft store for u guys!
  7. I love beaches and can have all vacations spent on a beach with a relaxing spa and a glass of red wine!
  8. I enjoy dancing and have learnt various styles of dancing as well.
  9. I am very scared of heights but i wanna try sky diving with my hubby who is now experienced
  10. I wish i can make more cards and have at least 2 posts a week on regular basis!! :D
So i would also like to share this award with another 5 crafters apart from whom Khush has already given to!

  1. Pink crayons Ladies - The talented Pooja and Shrada
  2. Romina - She's come a long way!!
  3. Shubhra - Her cards are super unique
  4. Yvonne - For all the brightness she brings in our lifes with her lovely creations
  5. Mallika  - She one helluva creative kid. totally like the kid in her!



Shubhra said...

Wow....I am so honoured Karuna..thnk u so much for this. This is my first blog award :) N some new things that I learnt about ya via this award...!! Card making and trying adventure sports,swimming and a blood sucking jjob is!

Crafterkhush said...

:D.. you deserve it...!!

~pink crayons~ said...

awwiiieeee!!! Pinkcrayons frst award too! :D
thank you sooooo very much karuna! :D sharada and me r totally delighted! <3
omg! blogging is such a nice thing! its a whole new world out ere! :D feels really nice :)

Eenzy Beenzy said...

Congrats Karuna!
Loved reading stuff about you :)
Keep going

Eenzy Beenzy said...

Congrats Karuna!
Loved reading stuff about you :)
Keep going

Dr Sonia S V said...

Karuna looks like its raining awards on you.
Please do accept one from me too. Its the sweet blog award as I think not only your blog but you are also very sweet
Love Sonia

Mallika said...

thankyou so much di !
love ya !

yyam said...

Thanks for the award Karuna! :)

I love traveling and swimming too! :)And you have such a sweet hubby!!!


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