Saturday, March 5, 2011

Crafting Queen Stores says thanks!!

Dearest Blog friends,

While am busy enjoying my vacation back at home i just wanted to drop a quick thank you for all your love an support to my new venture - I received some very warm notes congratulating me on the new venture and it was heart warming to see all of you encouraging me. I had been planning this ever since i realised what a tought thing it was to get high quality card making and scarpbook material in india.

Since most of you polled about embelishment i added many Rub on's for sale. If you compare there prices in US many are being actually sold cheaper than the MRP as well!! The whole idea is to bring an awesome variety for you. Once am back from vacation i would add many branded chipboard, punch out, 3D stickers, soft and hard embelishments not to forget the latest sets of stamps that have arrived.

Please become a follower and also subscribe to the RSS feed on to stay updated about our new products and dicounts that would be announced soon for members!!

There is alot more coming and i will really appreciate to hear whats more would you like to see on our store? Are you liking the products on sale as of now?

Once again a huge thanks to all!!!



Tee said...

Wishing you loads and loads of success! Would love to see more tools if you can get them.
Big big hugs

chillin with Quillin said...

Love the design of your card, its beautiful!


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