Monday, January 31, 2011

Stylish Blog Award!

In the middle of the maddening House shifting i have been going through last 3-4 days now i just took out some  time to peep into whats up in Blogville! 

And guess what i find an Award!! Yipee!! I received the Stylish Blog award from dear Rachana and Kavi. Wow 2 people think i deserved it. Thats So kewl.

Now, In order to continue, I have to post 8 things about myself and pass this along to 8 bloggers. But as i see most of the people i would have tagged would have already received it so i will try to share it with some few more fortunate ones or at least make an attempt to

First 8 things about me!

1. I love food and above that love preparing dishes and watch my DH and friends enjoy a good meal :)

2. If given a choice i would quit everything and dedicate my life to Scarpbooking, Card making and Quilling (Dont all of us ;)

3. I am a born dancer... i guess it runs in the family. And i love Bolly and Hip Hop 

4. I love travelling and exploring new places. I wish to travel to a new place, city, continent every year!

5. I would love to have balanced life with where i can spend more time on my crafts as well. At the moment my Job n travel to work sucks up all my time...

6. I hope one day i can adopt a dog or maybe 2. I love animals and so i have satisfied myself with 2 misbehaving guinea pigs.

7. I enjoy learning new things and discovering new ideas. I try and incorporate all the good in my daily life.

8. My DH is my true best friend and i wouldn't be writing on Blog hadn't he encouraged me to take Quilling seriously and create this Blog for me. I love him the most!

And i would like to pass it on to my favourite ladies ( though i have many more :) ):
1. Malika
2. Priya Venkat
3. Spardha
4. Tejal
5. Yyam
6. Asha
7. Sudha
8. Juhi


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