Friday, January 14, 2011

Quilled Lady and Bird


Am happy to be back with my new quilled creation. Seriously it was tough to get back and for the first few minutes i felt like i didn't even know how to quill. It just made me realizes that practice is very important.  So i wanted to create something different from the usual flowers and foliage so i tried my hands at quilling a lady. I must say it was tough as i had no clue how to go about it but some idea in terms of shape and look. Since figurines require precision and detailing i was careful in shaping it especially the upper body. Then came the idea of some tree branches, then the flowers. I always wanted to try a birdie so here it is. For the ground i didn't have brown strips ready so i used 2 shades of green S-scrolls to create a grassy effect and i really liked it. This one would be frames now :)

I had finished it on Tuesday but didn't get time to click it and upload :( Damn the work :P

Thanks for looking.



Shalini said...

wow Karuna... good to see u back in action... gorgeous quilled lady!!!

MANSI said...

WOWERS!!!This is gorgeous dear....dont look like u r out of practice...welcome back!!

SUGANTHI said...

Lovely Karuna! you have done a good job.

Hussena said...

wow what an elegant lady ,its beautiful work.


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