Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I have to Thank you!


This is way overdue! Some very nice ladies have been very nice to me and I just have to hug you and thank you for the lovely stuff you sent over for me!!

So here i go.

Firstly its Spardha: Thank you so much Girl. She wanted some baby die cuts so i was more than happy to use my then newly acquired baby die cuts and mail her and she sent some love right back for me with some goodies as well! and another card which surprised me was for Diwali. I rem running around like mad for my marriage hopping then!! But a big hug right back at you!

Then dearest Sudha sent me this very very pretty wedding card much before my wedding and my parents and relatives were so happy to know that my blogger friends actually cared about me so much. They all loved your card Sudha and very much appreciated. Thank you for the love!

And yes right before i disappeared i won some lovely candy on Jaya Blog. and wow see what i got - embossed butterfly die cuts!! Arnt these cute? I already got some ideas on how to use these!



Anita Kejriwal said...

Hey Thats very nice. And congrats on your wedding!

Sudha said...

Thanku dear. It makes me happy that u n ur family liked my card.



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