Friday, January 14, 2011

Anybody wants Cuttlebug Replacement B Plates?


This post is for my Indian Blogger frds.

I was going thru my craft supplies (which i had ordered in october!!) just to realize that i actually ordered 2 sets of cuttlebug replacement B Plates. I didn't realize that 1 set would have actually have 2 plates and i ended up ordering 2!! So now i have 2 sets of B plates!!

My B plates have been used extensively for cutting and i was worried tht they might break so i ordered an extra one for back up. So if any of you cuttlebug lovers is looking for it i can give it to you for the price i got it along with shipping and handling :)

Just drop me a mail!


1 comment:

kavitha said...

hi,i am interested.


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