Monday, January 31, 2011

Stylish Blog Award!

In the middle of the maddening House shifting i have been going through last 3-4 days now i just took out some  time to peep into whats up in Blogville! 

And guess what i find an Award!! Yipee!! I received the Stylish Blog award from dear Rachana and Kavi. Wow 2 people think i deserved it. Thats So kewl.

Now, In order to continue, I have to post 8 things about myself and pass this along to 8 bloggers. But as i see most of the people i would have tagged would have already received it so i will try to share it with some few more fortunate ones or at least make an attempt to

First 8 things about me!

1. I love food and above that love preparing dishes and watch my DH and friends enjoy a good meal :)

2. If given a choice i would quit everything and dedicate my life to Scarpbooking, Card making and Quilling (Dont all of us ;)

3. I am a born dancer... i guess it runs in the family. And i love Bolly and Hip Hop 

4. I love travelling and exploring new places. I wish to travel to a new place, city, continent every year!

5. I would love to have balanced life with where i can spend more time on my crafts as well. At the moment my Job n travel to work sucks up all my time...

6. I hope one day i can adopt a dog or maybe 2. I love animals and so i have satisfied myself with 2 misbehaving guinea pigs.

7. I enjoy learning new things and discovering new ideas. I try and incorporate all the good in my daily life.

8. My DH is my true best friend and i wouldn't be writing on Blog hadn't he encouraged me to take Quilling seriously and create this Blog for me. I love him the most!

And i would like to pass it on to my favourite ladies ( though i have many more :) ):
1. Malika
2. Priya Venkat
3. Spardha
4. Tejal
5. Yyam
6. Asha
7. Sudha
8. Juhi


Thursday, January 27, 2011

I am back! And with some pics ;)

Dearest friends,

After a week of struggling with Google Help i was able to retrieve my Blog! For those of you unaware, my blog had disappeared on Jan 20th due to some Blogspot malware and i had to give it for review and pass the "My blog is not SPAM" test! Phew! It was difficult week but i searched my blog everyday and always came to see what all of you are upto! :) There is no new card or project yet but something else :) .... So here is a little treat i have.... some pics from my engagement, marriage and a rewarding 10 day honeymoon vacation across Bali, Koh Samui and Kuala Lumpur! It was more of an adventure trip and DH n me did our best to try all we could.... n we did try some crazy stuff.....ha ha.... have a luk!

So we got booked!!

Ah.... the feeling... :)

Smiles forever...


At Bali!!

Koh Samui

Kuala Lumpur

Tanah Lot Temple, Bali

Scuba Diving at Bali....loved the experience

10 kg python on me and a25kg python with hubby.....freaky!

T'was so much fun

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I have to Thank you!


This is way overdue! Some very nice ladies have been very nice to me and I just have to hug you and thank you for the lovely stuff you sent over for me!!

So here i go.

Firstly its Spardha: Thank you so much Girl. She wanted some baby die cuts so i was more than happy to use my then newly acquired baby die cuts and mail her and she sent some love right back for me with some goodies as well! and another card which surprised me was for Diwali. I rem running around like mad for my marriage hopping then!! But a big hug right back at you!

Then dearest Sudha sent me this very very pretty wedding card much before my wedding and my parents and relatives were so happy to know that my blogger friends actually cared about me so much. They all loved your card Sudha and very much appreciated. Thank you for the love!

And yes right before i disappeared i won some lovely candy on Jaya Blog. and wow see what i got - embossed butterfly die cuts!! Arnt these cute? I already got some ideas on how to use these!


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Gate Fold Card with Quilled Rose Bouquet

Hey Girlies,

Hope you are having a great weekend. I was lucky to have a long weekend and spend some more time on Quilling! Yippeeee! And this card me took long wit the miniature quilled roses and foliage.

So i have tried a gate fold card, opened my unpacked scalloped circle nestie and my latest cuttlebug 5 by 7 embossing folder! I wanted to make a 3 Bouquet and added some dimension to it. Its based on the Flutter By Wednesday Sketch which inspired me to create this card and also got me thinking to try the gate fold technique.

Luckily i could finish this just in time to include in few more challenges!! This card also goes for the Kenny kkrafty girlz challenge-26: love you. and the Stampin Sisters in christ Challenge 71 to include wings. So i added a contrasting blue butterfly to my card. I didnt want to clutter it more by adding sentiments so i will keep it this way and have space inside for a personal message. I am all a red and white fan and it reminds me of Love Love Love!!

Thanks for looking!



Friday, January 14, 2011

Anybody wants Cuttlebug Replacement B Plates?


This post is for my Indian Blogger frds.

I was going thru my craft supplies (which i had ordered in october!!) just to realize that i actually ordered 2 sets of cuttlebug replacement B Plates. I didn't realize that 1 set would have actually have 2 plates and i ended up ordering 2!! So now i have 2 sets of B plates!!

My B plates have been used extensively for cutting and i was worried tht they might break so i ordered an extra one for back up. So if any of you cuttlebug lovers is looking for it i can give it to you for the price i got it along with shipping and handling :)

Just drop me a mail!


Quilled Lady and Bird


Am happy to be back with my new quilled creation. Seriously it was tough to get back and for the first few minutes i felt like i didn't even know how to quill. It just made me realizes that practice is very important.  So i wanted to create something different from the usual flowers and foliage so i tried my hands at quilling a lady. I must say it was tough as i had no clue how to go about it but some idea in terms of shape and look. Since figurines require precision and detailing i was careful in shaping it especially the upper body. Then came the idea of some tree branches, then the flowers. I always wanted to try a birdie so here it is. For the ground i didn't have brown strips ready so i used 2 shades of green S-scrolls to create a grassy effect and i really liked it. This one would be frames now :)

I had finished it on Tuesday but didn't get time to click it and upload :( Damn the work :P

Thanks for looking.


Friday, January 7, 2011

Girlie Cards!


So am back with some updates. I had made these kiddie cards for the Diwali exhibition! Yep thts a bad bad back log. :) Some of these are still available and up for sale. You can write to me if you wish to own em!



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