Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Top Ten Cards of 2010

Heylo everyone!!

Remember me? :) I know i have been missing all the fun  for real long now but trust me among all the running around and chaos during the wedding i was still peaking-in in just to see what my lovely bloggers were up to and it was so refreshing!

Thank you to all of you who sent me lovely best wishes via mail to some of you who sent me special cards too!! (Will be posting them shortly :) ) I had a lovely wedding and honeymoon and will share a pic or 2 with all of you soon :)

I am not here with anything new but i found The Manic World of Mrs Weyremaster latest blog hopping which wanted us to share the top 10 cards of 2010 and i didnt wanna let go of this last opportunity to blog before the year ends!!. It was indeed difficult to hand pick a few but most that i picked were made for some very special people in my life and for some special occasions. It makes me so blessed to share a smile with them.

However, in the middle of so many things i even missed my blogs very first blogssavery in December! :( From just quilling i picked up on other card making techniques and got some very interesting craft supplies like cuttlebug, nesties, rubber n clear stamps so on so forth!! I have learnt and grown all along and there is so much more out there waiting to be tried! But i am excited to share that i have made lovely friends and met some very amazing bloggers throughout the year!! Thank you for your love, support and inspiration. So here's wishing you all a very happy 2011 and lotsa more cards and blogging!!



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