Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Best printer to buy??

Hey Hey,

Am so missing all the action these days but trying hard to peek a boo now and then. The next month is gonna be very exciting. My parents are reaching this weekend and all the shopping for the wedding begins. Gosh 2nd Dec is nearing!! :) Come November 20th i celebrate my last birthday as single lady! Ha ha...so what did i want...well something to do with my crafts of course. So i wanna gift myself a nice colour printer. (Angle Smile)

So girls can you please advice a good budget printer for which the cartridges are easily available? I'm all ears to your suggestions!!



Shalini said...

i like my hp a lot... though i guess canon is great too...

Tee said...

That's so awesome..I celebrate my wedding anniversary on 20th nov!! :D

Best color printer would be HP, but a laser one (goes above 8K) since the toner is cheaper than any inkjet cartridges...any inkjet printer will be cheaper, but the later on cost of the color cartridges will cost above 1K and will give you only 200 prints at the most..ink will not be waterproof..one drop of water and your whole design is gone..I'm assuming you need to printer PP on that?
while a laser can give you double that..and is waterproof..
..so what I did was invest in a black and white laser printer and some good quality colors..(i can't print PP but that's ok, I don't use much)
Hope this helps..

Congrats again on your upcoming wedding!!

kavitha said...

hey,..congrats dear:))

Laura said...

HP Deskjet :) definitely! I have mine and I am really really pleased with it. It prints on cardstock also... and it comes with a scanner. I am just buying the color cartridge and I am refilling the black ink one. So it's not that expensive to mantain.

Congratulations on your wedding!


Philwebservices said...

love this one...keep on posting..

Juhi said...

You knw wht I made my DH gift me a photo printer on my Birthday this yr!! I got a canon inkjet photo printer primarily because I wanted to print high resolution photos and I also wanted to print on really thick cardstock, which no HP printer was promising. The printer is great but the only problem is the ink gets used up pretty fast and refills are not so cheap! Initially I printed a lot of PP, but I mostly print in black n white on colored cardstock!

CuddlyBunny said...

I know virtually nothing helpful about printers (as if you'd still need the advice now, anyway).

But, Happy Last Single Birthday and congratulations on the upcoming wedding!


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