Sunday, January 17, 2010

Money spent well!!

The weekend was fun and i shopped some more craft supplies. Here are my newbies!!!!

Ok so these are some 3 D stickers, alphabets in colours, some great rub on stickers (never tried them before)

Some great coloured card stock!

A Rolling Stamp

The Rub on stickers!

Found this pretty die cut too!

Hope you enjoyed!!



kavitha said...

wow,nice this from itsy bitsy?
die cutters looks cool ya,where did u get those?

Karuna said...

Thanks!! Got it from William Penn :) i just found out they have good stuff too :)

Pinksocks said...

She was thrilled like a child in the candy shop :)

Preeya said...

Nice stuffs.. I better try once thr:)
BTW, which store of William Penn, Jayanagar or Kormangla?

Spardha said...

beautifull!!.. lucky u! :D


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