Saturday, December 12, 2009

My first Artwork

Quilling began as an accident. Yep I had never heard about it till one day I went to Staples (India) to buy some decorative add ons for the hand made paper lamps I was making for Diwali. I saw this piles of colourful strips in various widths and had this quick idea to use them as abstract lines on the lamps to add some drama on the lamps. When I reached home and opened the pack I read the word “quilling” for the first time! Thanks to Google I was educated within an hour and realized that it’s a whole new thing. With further adieu I used the toothpick tight, then lose , then a tear drop and the list goes on. I tried all the shapes and just like an excited child I could not believe how simple pinching and curling could produce some excellent designs. The next day I had bought a quilling kit with all basic necessities and so began my quilling days.

Its been 6 months and counting and quelling has become an essential part of me. Though my hectic work schedule actually sucks up all the time I have but any chance I get to do something, you know what I would be busy with.

I wish to share my quilling work with you all and would love to hear what you think of my work. An artist is always hungry of compliments that’s his soul food. Hope you feed me well:)

Here is my very first design that I tried with some fringed flowers, tear drop shaped leaves and scroll twines.

A closer look:


Studio V said...

Beautiful cards and really neat work! I was introduced to scrapbooking the same was as you were introduced to Quilling. My journey started in 2003 and in the following years I have been able to take my work from passion to business! Good luck to you too!

Karuna said...

Thankyou so much..... i wish to follow your path and take my creativity to new heights. i know i can do crafts all my life with all my passion! thanks for the encouragement!!

Ann Martin said...

So very pretty! I think you and quilling were meant to find one another. :-)


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