Sunday, December 20, 2009

Folded them rigth at first try!

I had been planning to try some folded roses with quilling strips for long but somehow always thought that these were little difficult to make. i would see them being used in other peoples creations and just sigh. And finally i gave a shot at it. thanks to some instruction i found online via blogs :)

I had a cut out of a handmade green paper with a lace border and i used just 3 roses. The pink one, being a little bigger than the 2 red roses. for some add on i used the green leaves look. just fold a quilling strip and cut it diagonally to get a pointed tip. both the parts can be used like i have done here. Red tight coils of 1/4 length of the strip have been used along the leaves. The pink bell flowers are made with 1/2 of the strip length with tiny white tight coils in center.

I hope you like this one. i have finally laid this cut out on a maroon card stock :)

A Closer look at the blog:

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