Tuesday, December 29, 2009

More cards... :)


Am on leaves since Christmas and that means lots of time to be dedictaed to my newly developed passion for card making. Though these cards were made last weekend i just didnt get the time to update th blog as i was busy packing for home. Phew! away from the maddening crowd.... thats how i feel being at home sweet home!

Card 1:
So for the first card i have used some patterend paper, the grren card stock is a sheet f handmade paper. i kept the card simple with one big quilled flower. I used my latest quillig strips from Itsy Bity which are acid free but also a little thicker hence i can use them only for bigger patterns, nothing delicate. the Glitter strips are also a purchase from Itsy Bitsy. Finally found a use for them :)

Card 2:
These are 6 fringed flower with a simple flower pot made by creating a dome shape with various quilling strips closely placed with inside folds pasted to the cards. I did not add any greeting to this card to keep it optional for the user.

Thanks for looking.


Card 1

Card 2

Closer Look


My flatmate is an avid reader and requested for a bookmark. With Christmas fast approaching i decided to gift her a pretty and simple bookmark. At the same time made sure it was vibrant and colourful too just like her personality!

For this bookmark I have used some hard card stock, patterned paper, ready to use tags for the message and colourful threads used for jewellery making to create the colourful tassle at the top. And of course i stamped it with my latest stamp that read "Handmade with love". How true :)

Thanks for looking!


Hand written message...

The Stamp at the rear!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sea world!

I took a break from the usual quilling - the fringed flowers, folded roses et all. So i took up my project to create an aquarium with some more exotic sea creatures like octopus, jelly fish and the crab. I had seen some of these quilled by some experts. Seeing some blogs and sites gave me some idea and foundation to work on project. The background used was a sheet of light blue sheet that bought out the look of the whole project. It took me a week to complete this and finally an sharing it with you all. Please drop your comments if you like my work!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Flower Pots - Quilled Miniatures

Quilling miniatures is an art in itself. It requires quite a lot of precision to get the right size and look.
But the trick is to never give up :)

I have made 2 flower pots with roses. Have a look!

The pots are easy to make. i have used the pearlised 3mm quilling strips atleast 3 of same colour and then pushed the center with a quilling tool or a toothpick/pen to get the pot. tap the bottom on the floor to make it stand. Add some glue inside to make it hard and set it aside. Folded roses were made with 1/3 a strip of a 5 mm coloured quilling strip. The leaves and stems are made by folding a green strip and gluing it to make to it stronger. Then cut along a sharp end to get the grass look.
It was a challenge to make the roses and the grass stand in the pot so i used a 3mm brown strip and rolled it along a toothpick then cut the rolled strips into tiny parts to add volume to the pot as a base. And Voila you got yourself a pretty flower pot!


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas time!

Tis the season to be Jolly.....la la la ....la la la la....

Yo people.... its Christmas time.... so i made a few for the festive season.. :) these are for my special friends.... i hope they like these.... :)

i like the pink one specifically.


This was for my sweetheart. So the red..

here are all the cards together. dont they look just gorgeous...all the pretty colours :)

New Look!

I wasn't able to work with my last blog template... so spent the weekend to a find a new look! i think its really pretty.....what do you say? :)

Folded Roses....got them rigth at first try!

I had been planning to try some folded roses with quilling strips for long but somehow always thought that these were little difficult to make. i would see them being used in other peoples creations and just sigh. And finally i gave a shot at it. thanks to some instruction i found online via blogs :)

I had a cut out of a handmade green paper with a lace border and i used just 3 roses. The pink one, being a little bigger than the 2 red roses. for some add on i used the green leaves look. just fold a quilling strip and cut it diagonally to get a pointed tip. both the parts can be used like i have done here. Red tight coils of 1/4 length of the strip have been used along the leaves. The pink bell flowers are made with 1/2 of the strip length with tiny white tight coils in center.

I hope you like this one. i have finally laid this cut out on a maroon card stock :)

A Closer look at the blog:

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Anniversary Mom Dad!!

For my parents anniversary this year i couldn't think of a better gift than a quilled card befitting the occasion....

Please let me know what you think about it.... :)

A closer look at the design

Quilled Cards!!

Finally i tried my hands at some quilled cards. i have used basic white card stock and some ready to use oval cut outs. I have used orange and yellow mixed fringed flowers with some random scrolls to add drama with punched leaf pattern as top border to one card. For the next i used rose buds, a dragon fly and punched flower patter as a border. i used 3mm pearl finished contrast quilling paper to the card border. These pearlized quilling strips though are very pretty are plain on one side rendering them insufficient for normal quilled art hence i found it appropriate to use is only to add the card border.
These were quite simple and great fun to make with. Hope you like them. Please leave a comment....

A Closer Look at the designs.....

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Saw these designs on different quilled creations and came up with something of my own. I wanted to try some animal shape and since i got this major thing for cats i tried one, with some add on's like the cat food bowl which has its name "kitty", some fish bones - Kitty's fav snack! and ofcourse some cute paws. Kitty also has her hot pink coloured wool ball to play with btw.

I used the husking technique to write the letters "Meow".

This was a present for my flatmate Pallavi. thoguh she doesnt love cats but she definately liked this surprise gift and it now adorns one of the walls in her room. Makes me Smile :)

Monday, December 14, 2009

A quilled Happy Diwali Card

So I made progress! It was my Big Bosses Diwali party and I planned to make a special quilled card. I created a Diya using one 10 mm brown quilling strips for the diya base and one 10mm yellow and orange each for the flame. The rest is an easy random design using various scroll patterns of different colours and few tiny flowers. Its an easy and simple way to create a personally handcrafted card! So what do you think about this one?

Saturday, December 12, 2009

My first Artwork

Quilling began as an accident. Yep I had never heard about it till one day I went to Staples (India) to buy some decorative add ons for the hand made paper lamps I was making for Diwali. I saw this piles of colourful strips in various widths and had this quick idea to use them as abstract lines on the lamps to add some drama on the lamps. When I reached home and opened the pack I read the word “quilling” for the first time! Thanks to Google I was educated within an hour and realized that it’s a whole new thing. With further adieu I used the toothpick tight, then lose , then a tear drop and the list goes on. I tried all the shapes and just like an excited child I could not believe how simple pinching and curling could produce some excellent designs. The next day I had bought a quilling kit with all basic necessities and so began my quilling days.

Its been 6 months and counting and quelling has become an essential part of me. Though my hectic work schedule actually sucks up all the time I have but any chance I get to do something, you know what I would be busy with.

I wish to share my quilling work with you all and would love to hear what you think of my work. An artist is always hungry of compliments that’s his soul food. Hope you feed me well:)

Here is my very first design that I tried with some fringed flowers, tear drop shaped leaves and scroll twines.

A closer look:


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