Monday, January 19, 2015

Baby Bump Pregnancy Journal and Scrapbook

Hello Everyone,

This pretty Pregnancy Scrapbook Journal was created last year for a client in Singapore - Amanda. It was fun to work with her as she was very welcoming to my ideas and actually wanted few pages replicated from my last pregnancy album that you can see here.

Amanda loved the album and sent me her testimonial too!

"The scrapbook is really gorgeous! It is way better than what I had expected. I really like the new kind of papers which you used for my album. They are indeed different from the reference pictures I sent you. I love the way how every page is designed totally different from one another. It anticipates me to turn over to the next page as each page has its own uniqueness and story to tell – the little stickers and notes are very meaningful. 

I am very glad that I have found you to design my own personalized maternity album. At first, I was just planning to buy a simple journal book off shelve. But as I was browsing the web for more such ideas, I happened to chance upon your maternity scrapbook which I really find very nice. 
Thankfully, I have made the right choice =) "

Really appreciate your effort and hard work. Thank you very much.
I hope to be able to work with you again in future! =)"

This is a 14 page Scrapbook and I also have a video at the end of this post for you to see all the interactive elements. So here are the pics in the page order.

that's all for now. Hope you liked it and as promised here is the video :)

thanks for dropping by, await to hear your feedback :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Divij - customised Baby Boy First Year Scrapbook

Hello There!

I have finished all my projects for the year before October and now taking a break. Apt time to work on editing all previous projects. Starting with this super super and elaborate Baby Boy Scrapbook that actually has been my most challenging memory book with just too many pics and details to be captured per page. Hence, it has several pockets, flip flaps and other interactive elements. It totally had around 16 pages and became quite bulky at the end of the process so i sourced a specially sized box which was decorated as well. Its a picture heavy post :)

Here is what Minal had to say after seeing the Scrapbok for baby Divij

"Divij's first year memories mean a lot to me and I wanted to treasure them in nothing but the best. When I heard of CQ n saw the work, my expectations were set high... But this book surpasses all of it.

Karuna, you have created a beautiful book - am so glad I got a chance to get u to work on it. I love each and every page of this book. I have been drooling over it since I laid my hands on it. Love the soft color tones that has been used. I know you had to put in a lot of effort to accommodate all of the material I gave u to fit in each page. I really want to thank u for understanding n taking care of my emotions n feelings associated with this book so well."

The Box cover

The Scrapbook fits perfectly inside!

The paper does all the talking!

Side view of the spine of the album

Page 1: First Glimpse of Baby

Page 2: The babies arrival and tiny details captured.

The flip flap album holds more pics and details and side pocket for baby's nails, baby band, birth certificate and more

Page 3: Stay in the hospital with details about the doctors who helped and more info inside.

Page 4: Family Visiting the Hospital. Flip flap book opens for more pics.

Page 5: Pics with close family and welcome

Page 5: The door opens for more :)

Page 6: Memorable Firsts captured in a waterfall album

Page 7: Special moments dated and captured.

Page 8: Celebrations in the first year

Flip Flap pages to captures all the festivals.

Page 9: Celebrations in the first year continued.

Page 9: Celebrations in the first year continued

Page 10-11: Capturing the baby's growth month after month. When you open the flap you have space to write special journaling notes

Page 10-11: Capturing the baby's growth month after month. When you open the flap you have space to write special journaling notes

Page 12-13: Just some fun pages for all the cute pics taken over the year. Special dedication to Mom and Dad

Page 12-13: Just some fun pages for all the cute pics taken over the year. Special dedication to Mom and Dad

Page 14-15: Baby turns One! Oh What fun!

Page 14-15: Baby turns One! Oh What fun!

Page 14-15: Baby turns One! Oh What fun! Messages from family members

 Page 16: Records and charts

Handmade by me :)

And as promised here is the complete video in action.

thanks for stopping by :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Soccer Theme Party Decor and Cake Table

Hello Everyone

Am really excited to share the recent Theme Party Decor I had worked on. Manika came back to me this year too for her son's birthday party ideas! Last year we had worked on a Superhero theme and she was keen to work with me again. I was really happy to know that my work was so very appreciated and trusted. so the theme this year was Soccer with Messi as the main attraction and we stuck with a white and blue theme. After alot of brainstorming i came up with several ideas to create part decor and cake table decor. Several other items were created to match the theme as well. It was a lot of hard work which paid off beautifully.

Manika had very kind words to share about this project. Thanks Manika!

"If you need to plan a birthday for your loved one and make it special for the audience as well as the person whose birthday it is then I would defnitely recommend you go to Karuna. She has very interesting ideas, is particular about her quality and is a thorough professional. I have been wowed both times that i have been to her and will gladly recommend people to go try her out. Thanks a ton Karuna...."

So here are all the pics from the venue!

 The main entrance was through a lawn so I created a welcome banner! How cool is that!

Along with the balloons I made some pom poms in white and blue which were placed on the trees and plans around.


Inside the hall I created this cute banner that shouted Goal along with paper fans matching the theme!


Here are some paper fans for the entrance to the main hall. The center was designed to carry the birthday boy's name - Shiv and some had Messi on it!
The table centers were also desinged and hand cut. It had a Messi Jersey plus several other cordinating littel cut outs along with helium balloons



This is the backdrop created for the cake table. The Banner was designed with cordinating paper fans!

The Cake table was designed to be fun and exciting. Since Manika was keep to replicate the Super Hero Lollypops Idea from last party I suggested to have two small stadium stands with T shirts on sticks with hidden chocolate bars! :) 

Am it did turn out exactly the way I had imagined! the center area was kept for the cake.

and here is the final cake table with the backdrop.


some additionalswere cordinating thank you notes for the return gifts

food picks to add to the fun theme. I also created customsied menu play ards but unfortunately lost the pics. u can see a little glimpse on the top with the football though....


and that's me after sweating it all out! but totally happy!  

thanks for stopping by. I would love to hear your feedback.

In case you wish to get a customised party decor please do email me -


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